Board of Urology

RACS Board of Urology
Left to right: Robert Forsyth, Dennis Gyomber, Nestor Lalak, Andrew Fuller, Stuart Philip, James Churchill (former Trainee Rep), Jennifer Kong, Andrew Malcolm, Richard Grills, Malcolm Lawson
Absent: Stephen Mark, Mark Frydenberg, Glen Wood, Brooke Curtin
Image by Stephan Daniljchenko

The RACS Board of Urology reports regularly to the Board of Surgical Education & Training and the Council of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons providing oversight and governance of the SET Program in Urology across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Stuart Philip - Chair, Board of Urology
  • Robert Forsyth - Deputy Chair & Chair, Education Sub-Committee
  • Nestor Lalak - Chair, NSW/ACT Regional Training Cmte & Chair, Training Post Accreditation Sub-Cmte
  • Dennis Gyomber - Chair, VIC (incl TAS) Regional Training Cmte & Chair, Selection Sub-Cmte
  • Malcolm Lawson - Chair, QLD Regional Training Committee
  • Andrew Fuller - Chair, SA/NT Regional Training Committee
  • Andrew Malcolm - Chair, NZ Regional Training Committee
  • Jennifer Kong - Chair, WA Regional Training Committee
  • Richard Grills - IMG Representative & Chair, IMG Sub-Committee
  • Stephen Mark - USANZ President
  • Mark Frydenberg - RACS Councillor, Urology
  • Glen Wood - Senior Examiner
  • Brooke Curtin - RACS Appointed External Representative
  • Deanne Soares - Trainee Representative

2020 Board of Urology Meetings

  • Saturday 7 March - Sydney - Convention Centre at ASM
  • Saturday 23 May - Sydney - USANZ Office
  • Saturday 22 August - Sydney - USANZ Office
  • Saturday 21 November - Sydney - Novotel, Brighton Beach


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