Our Sections

The USANZ Board of Directors of has established 7 Sections covering the jurisdiction of the Society. They are:

  • New South Wales Section
  • New Zealand Section
  • Northern Section
  • South Australia / Northern Territory Section
  • Tasmanian Section
  • Victorian Section
  • Western Australian Section

A representative from each Section is appointed to the USANZ Board of Directors to ensure input into deliberations on local jurisdictional issues. View the Section Representatives to the USANZ Board of Directors

Each Section appoints a Section Chair who is responsible for organising Section based initiatives. Each Section is responsible for organising an annual meeting of sectional members with this responsibility residing with the Section Meeting Convenor. Depending on the needs, size and complexity of the work of the Section, some Sections may also elect to appoint additional office holders such as a Section Treasurer or Section Secretary.

The roles of Section Meeting Convenor, Section Chair and Section Representative to the USANZ Board may be undertaken by the same person.

Specific delegations of authority by the Board of Directors to Sections are set out in the USANZ Delegations of Authority Policy.

View the events for the Section under USANZ Events.

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