Survey: RACS STP-Funded Rural Curriculum

RACS are gathering feedback from Trainees and surgeons regarding the development of a rural curriculum for non-technical skills.

The development of a rural curriculum to enable surgeons to develop rural practice capability and rural self-efficacy is a key action identified in the Rural Health Equity Strategic Action Plan. The RACS Rural Curriculum Project is an ongoing activity fully funded by the Australian Government Specialist Training Program (STP). Following publication of the RACS rural-facing surgical curriculum framework in 2022, the next step is to develop a learning experience. 

As part of this project, RACS invite USANZ Members to complete a survey about their views on a RACS learning experience for a rural curriculum. This is particularly suited to Members who are engaged in rural training, rural surgery, rural in-reach or rural outreach, or any who provide telehealth to rural patients or peer support to rural colleagues.

The survey takes 5 minutes to complete. All survey results are anonymous and the results will be used by RACS solely to inform the next steps in the development of a rural curriculum.

To participate, access the survey.

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