USANZ in the Media: Chronic UTIs

The start of the year has been a busy time for our members in terms of media engagement.

In addition to the extensive coverage of King Charles's BPH, chronic UTIs are now in the media. The Australian published an article asking "why are doctors only now waking up to the reality of chronic urinary tract infections?" and tackling challenging issues of sexist stigma and fears of antibiotic resistance that often go along with such discussions.

This article includes expert commentary from our very own USANZ President, Prof Helen O'Connell, on urine testing, chronic infection, antibiotic treatment, and national therapeutic guidelines.

USANZ Members can access the full article here.

This discussion follows a previous interview with Professor James Malone-Lee - organised by Chronic UTI Australia - which included USANZ Member Anita Clarke.

It is great to see USANZ Members continuing to share their expertise on issues relating to urology, with the wider community, through mainstream media.

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