Survey: Wellbeing Programs for Surgical Trainees

The School of Health and Society at the University of Wollongong is undertaking a research study to explore wellbeing interventions and programs that are available to surgical trainees.

The purpose of the research is to identify current wellbeing programs in Australian hospitals and evaluate faculty perceptions of the effectiveness of these programs.

Participants in the study, will be asked to complete a short anonymous survey regarding wellbeing programs that have been implemented in their hospital and their perceptions of the effectiveness of these programs. It is anticipated that it will take approximately 7 minutes to complete the survey. Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary and there is no compensation for taking part.

To participate, access the Participant Information Sheet and Survey now.

The Society encourages Members involved in the SET Training Program to consider participating in this research study exploring the important topic of Trainee welfare. While participation is entirely voluntary your participation will help to better understand the practical effectiveness of the wellbeing programs that are currently on offer in Australian hospitals. Findings from this study could lead to improvements in the resources and policies that are available to support Trainees during their training.

For more information about the survey please email Belinda Balhatchet at the Universtiy of Wollongong, School of Health and Society.

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