Improving the integrity of health provider payments for the DVA

As part of the 2021-22 Budget Measure, Veterans' Health Care, the Government is making a change to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Fee Schedule for medical services.

From 1 July 2021, robotic prostatectomy services will only be claimable using the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items under DVA arrangements. The specific DVA-only item which will be removed is UR372 for Laparoscopic Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy. 

This service will continue to be able to be provided through DVA arrangements, with the Repatriation Medical fee being paid at 140% of the MBS fee and no out-of-pocket payments for DVA clients. 

The removal of this DVA-only item ensures alignment with the MBS, reflects the outcomes of the MBS Review Taskforce and reduces complexity for urologists and urological surgeons treating veterans. 

The only thing providers will be required to do in response to this change is to claim for robotic prostatectomy services using the equivalent MBS item for their DVA clients from 
1 July 2021, instead of the DVA-specific item. 

Access the information sheet with further details on this initiative: Improving the integrity of health provider payments for the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Please direct further inquiries via email to Christine Reed, Director Health Policy, or call on 02 6289 6231. 

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