RACS Enhanced Complaint Handling Framework

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) has developed a new and enhanced complaints handling process. 

The new RACS framework balances:

  • duty of care to RACS trainees and surgeons to provide a safe environment;
  • responsibility to provide a procedurally fair and timely process;
  • professional commitment to build a culture of respect;
  • legal and ethical responsibilities as a College.

The new and enhanced approach centres on offering the Fellows, Trainees, SIMGs and medical students support and guidance throughout the process. This applies to all types of reports received, including reports deemed out of the scope of the framework, or better handled by an employer, a regulatory agency or a health complaints commission

Access more information about the complaints process on the RACS website, or watch the animated video explanation of the new approach being taken.


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