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Invited Guests at Lower Urinary Tract Workshop in Singapore

USANZ Member A/Prof Vincent Tse was recently invited to speak a Lower Urinary Tract Workshop on aspects of male and female functional and reconstructive urology. The workshop was held at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) in Singapore on Saturday 19 August 2023.

On returning, Vincent shared some information about his trip. The hospital he attended, KTPH, is only 10 years old and is situated in the north of Singapore. He reports that it has lots of trees and greenery throughout the entire hospital campus, and it feels like you have entered a tropical resort!

Vincent was one of two invited international guests at the workshop, along with Dr Ian Eardley from Leeds, UK. Ian is the current National Clinical Director for NHS England and Chairman of Council of the Medical Protection Society.

Vincent lectured on topics such as 'Modern Management of the Cystocele', 'Reconstructive surgery for Bladder Neck Stenosis after Prostate Cancer Treatment’, ‘Trouble-shooting Long Term Complications from the AUS', and also ‘Vaginal Mesh Saga in Australia: Soul-searching and Lessons Learnt’. Ian spoke on surgical training, erectile dysfunction, and penile prosthesis surgery. There was also a ‘Urethroplasty Roundtable' for the overseas and local experts. 

Vincent said it was great to catch up and network with colleagues, both old and new, and discuss the differences in patient management within different healthcare systems. Surgical training and fellowship opportunities were also discussed at the meeting, and Vincent said it was a short but productive trip!

Thanks to Vincent Tse for supplying images.

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