Membership Fees

The annual membership subscription fees are set by the USANZ Board of Directors during the annual budget process.

In addition to the fees below the Society also recognises that members' circumstances change over time and has established a range of concessions to meet specific needs. Members can obtain further information about their entitlements by emailing the USANZ Secretary.

2021 Membership Fees

Member Category 2021 Fee
(ex GST)*
Associate Scientific Member $157
Associate Urological Member $1,249
Corresponding Member $157
Full Member (incl Section Fee) $1,610
Senior Member $65
Provisional Member $1,469
Trainee Member $81
Honorary Member $0
Fellow $0
GST of 10% of the relevant fee is payable for members resident in Australia.
Corresponding Members who are also members of the UAA may be entitled to a discount.

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