Joint Program EAU & USANZ 2020

New dates have been set for EAU, the conference will now take place 17 - 20 July 2020. For further updates visit the EAU20 website.

USANZ is once again collaborating with the European Association of Urology on a joint program 'Urology Beyond Europe' to be presented as part of the Scientific Programme at EAU20 in Amsterdam.

The joint program details including the event date, time and location will be communicated when confirmed.

If you are attending EAU20, be sure to attend this joint session and support your fellow Society members who are presenting on the day: Stephen Mark, Helen O'Connell, Suzanne Chambers and Manish Patel.

The Chairs for the event will be J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield (GB) and USANZ President, Stephen Mark.

A list of Society members attending will be made available before the event. To be included on this list please, send this email.

View an outline of the Joint Session Programme

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