USANZ Urology Program at RACS ASC

In 2021 USANZ will produce the 4 day USANZ Urology Program as part of the RACS ASC Melbourne.

The USANZ Urology Program at the RACS ASC will commence on Tuesday 11 May and will continue for 4 days. Use the links below to access the relevant information about the USANZ Urology Program:


Selected Australian and New Zealand cities will act as USANZ Hubs on Tuesday 11 May -  Day 1 of the USANZ Urology Program, where Members can meet face-to-face in a COVID-safe environment along with our industry partners. More details will be available and communicated to Members soon.

USANZ Urology Program Convenor

The USANZ Urology Program at the RACS ASC 2021 Melbourne is being convened by Henry Woo. Henry is developing a stimulating program capitalising on the opportunity for joint sessions with General Surgeons on the subject of Inguinal Hernias and Radical Prostatectomy, and another with the Colorectal Surgeons on Trauma and Malignancy in the Pelvis.


International guest speakers for the USANZ Urology Program at the ASC have been confirmed. USANZ is delighted to welcome guests Professor Margaret Pearle, Professor Jelle Barentz, Professor Stacy, Professor Caroline Moore and Dr Kurt McCammon.

All international guests will attend virtually with pre-recorded presentations in conjunction with live Q&A.

For more information about the RACS ASC speakers visit the RACS ASC website.


View the Draft USANZ Urology Program for the RACS ASC.

The Keith Kirkland and Villis Marshall session will also be held during the USANZ Urology Program and we encourage members to support their trainees by attending the session.


Early registration for the RACS ASC closes Sunday 14 March 2021

For more information about the RACS ASC registration visit the RACS ASC website.

Sponsorship Opportunities

View the Sponsorship Packages available for the USANZ Hubs at the RACS ASC 2021.


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