NetWit - No Longer Operational

Further to previous announcements, NetWit the email list server that has recently been used by USANZ Members is no longer operational

Sharp IT has confirmed NetWit was disabled on the weekend of the 31 May.

Members are reminded that a similar service, with additional features, is now available to you on our new platform USANZ Communities.  

Get more information on USANZ Communities or read our guide 5 Steps to Getting Started on USANZ Communities.

If you need assistance please email the USANZ Secretary.

Sharp IT has also confirmed Netwit does not store backups and that the system operated purely as a “gateway” that sent emails to verified subscribers.

USANZ will retain a copy of the Netwit archive from 2020 provided by Rob Davies, but has no control over data that may be stored by members on their personal or work devices.

We remind members of their obligations to ensure any Netwit data under their control is stored securely and that personal or otherwise sensitive information is managed appropriately.

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