Study of New Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Avania is working with a US-based company, Alessa Therapeutics who are developing an anti-androgen implant for the treatment of early-stage or newly detected prostate cancer.

To establish whether this proof of concept is feasible, they have developed an FIH protocol to place the anti-androgen eluting implants (containing bicalutamide as its properties are well described and because it is off patent) for patients with prostate cancer already scheduled for radical prostatectomy.

The study seeks to demonstrate safety and determine level of drug delivery by having the ability to sample the excised prostate and also look for potential effects on PSA, gland and tumour size, and histopathology.

The concept is that 4-6 of the silicone implants (around twice the length of a brachy seed) be placed transperineally and retained for the 6-12 weeks prior to their prostatectomy. The removed prostate would then undergo additional pathological testing to establish local inflammatory response and absorption of the bicalutamide. 

The study will treat up to 20 patients in Australia and New Zealand. To date 4 participants have been recruited and treated as part of the study. To assist with recruitment, the study is open to patients enrolling from both the public and private settings.

For more information about the study access the Media Release: Alessa Therapeutics Announces First Australian Patient Enrolled in Biolen-PC Study for New Therapy for Prostate Cancer or, to enquire about enrolling participants please email Audra Wilson at Avania directly.

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