CAMUS Delphi Study Update November 2021

The CAMUS Collaboration has provided an update on the CAMUS Delphi Study: A Consensus on Reporting of Complications After Urological Surgeries.

To date, more than 450 participants have either commenced or completed the Delphi survey, with the goal still to reach 1000 participants. To help facilitate this, the Survey will remain open for another 6 weeks.

Marc Furrer, from the CAMUS Collaboration, said "It is very important to me that the urological community has a say in how complication reporting should look in the future. In order to develop this ’universal uniform language’, it would be really great if as many urologists as possible would make the effort to actively help create and develop this consensus."
All participants in the survey will receive 3 collaborative Pubmed-listed authorships (on all Delphi-specific publications).

Read more about the Survey, or participate in the survey.

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