Survey: Vasectomy Reversal Practices

The Society invites all Members to participate in a survey aiming to evaluate current vasectomy reversal practices in Australia and New Zealand, the first study of its kind in our region.

Approximately 2% of patients who had previous vasectomy will undergo reversal surgery. By completing the survey you will help improve the understanding of currently available practices that may influence future patient selections and outcomes, as well as microsurgical training within the urology community.

The project has received ethics approval from Monash Health with the approval number as follows: RES-21-0000-580Q – 79300. Our questionnaire and study have also been approved by the relevant USANZ SAG for distribution.

Participate in the survey: Vasectomy Reversal Practices in Australia and New Zealand.

The survey has ethics approval from Monash Health (approval number RES-21-0000-580Q – 79300) and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and consists of a maximum of 28 questions.

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