Survey: Out-of-Pocket costs & Fee Transparency in Australia

The University of Melbourne in conjunction with Medibank Better Health Foundation are seeking surgeons who work in the private sector to participate in an interview about fees and price transparency.

The research study is interested in discovering how specialists set fees, participation in gap agreements with private health insurers, and what they think about improved price transparency for patients.

This study is in response to the recognition that increasing numbers of specialists in Australia is placing pressure on earnings and fee revenue from private practice. This is being compounded by evidence of falling growth in the demand for private healthcare because of growing out-of-pocket costs from private health insurance as well as growth in fees. The situation is complex and understanding what private sector specialists think about these issues is important in helping to maintain affordability and access to care by patients and understanding how private practice business models in Australia can adapt. 

Participation in the study involves a 30-minute telephone interview. Responses will be kept confidential with all quotes from participants de-identified in the published paper. For their effort, participants will receive a digital gift card to the value of $80.

For more information about the study, please visit the study webpage, additional inquiries can be sent via email.
To participate in the study schedule an interview time.

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