Survey: Perioperative Hypothermia Prevention

USANZ Members are invited to participate in a survey on perioperative hypothermia prevention. This study, undertaken by researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), aims to develop a multidisciplinary, evidence-based pathway for management of perioperative hypothermia in Australian hospitals. 

Clinicians who take part in this study will evaluate a Pathway which provides guidance on perioperative hypothermia prevention. The Pathway provides recommendations designed to assist clinicians to make evidence-based decisions to prevent perioperative hypothermia in the Australian context.

Clinicians who may use the Pathway in their clinical practice are invited to participate. The survey will include questions on how easy it will be to use the Pathway in practice, and how acceptable recommendations are. There will also be some short questions about your professional role, specialty, and location of work. The survey itself should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

For further information on the participant requirements and research project, please see the Participant Information Sheet

If you are willing to participate, complete the survey online..

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