GSA's Program in Transplantation Surgery 2024

The General Surgeons Australia Transplant Training Committee invites applicants to apply to the Post Fellowship Education & Training (PFET) Program in Transplantation Surgery for 2024.

The PFET Program in Transplantation Surgery is for Urology Surgeons. The program consists of two years of Education and Training in Transplantation Surgery, following successful completion of the Fellowship Examination and SET Program requirements in Urology Surgery.

All trainees who have successfully completed the Fellowship Examination in Urology Surgery or are registered to sit in May (2023) and have appropriate medical registration are eligible to apply for the PFET Program in Transplantation Surgery.

The Selection process for the 2024 intake to the PFET Program in Transplanation Surgery is now open.

Selection closes on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at 12pm (ADST).For further information, please download the Invitation to Apply, visit the GSA website, or contact GSA via email.

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