Article: RPN Classification and Nephrometry Scoring System

USANZ Members may be interested in a recent article published by Dinesh Agarwal and colleagues on a new classification system for small renal tumours.

The article is titled: RPN (Radius, Position of tumour, iNvasion of renal sinus) Classification and Nephrometry Scoring System: An Internationally Developed Clinical Classification To Describe the Surgical Difficulty for Renal Masses for Which Robotic Partial Nephrectomy Is Planned. Read the article online.

A number of USANZ Members were involved in publishing this article. A full list of authors is below.

Authors: Dinesh K. Agarwal; Clancy Mulholland; Digsu N. Koye; Niranjan Sathianathen; Henry Yao; Philip Dundee; Daniel Moon; Marc Furrer; Christina Giudice; Wayland Wang; Julie A. Simpson; Jamie Kearsley; Briony Norris; Homi Zargar; Henry Y.C. Pan; Ashwin Agarwal; Nathan Lawrentschuk; Niall M. Corcoran; and the International Collaborative Group of Urologists.

This is an important development in classifying small renal tumours and we acknowledge the efforts of the whole team involved.

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