Board Sub-Committees

From time to time the USANZ Board of Directors will set up a sub-committee or working group to oversee an aspect of the Society's activities.

The following Board Sub-Committees are currently active:

Investment Sub-Committee

The Investment Sub-Committee of the Board is comprised of the Treasurer (Committee Chair), an External Director, and one other Director or delegate. The Sub-Committee's terms of reference are set out in the USANZ Investments Policy first adopted by the Board in 2016.

The role of the Sub-Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its governance and statutory responsibilities by overseeing and monitoring the USANZ’s investment portfolio. The Sub-Committee does not make decisions outside of the Board and generally meets prior to each Board meeting to review the performance of USANZ investments and to consider any recommendations received from any Investment Advisor or Manager that may have been appointed.

Society Awards Nominations Sub-Committee (SANC)

The Society Awards Nominations Sub-Committee of the Board was formed in 2009 to review nominations for the various Society Awards & Honours with the Chair taking the committee's recommendations to the USANZ Board of Directors.

The SANC consists of:

  • Past President (Chair)
  • Vice President
  • One Board Member seconded each year (at the discretion of the SANC Chair)

The Sub-Committee's terms of reference are set out in the Society Awards Nomination Form. The Committee meets annually following the closing of the award nominations period and does not make decisions outside of the Board.

Daniel Christidis Scholarship Sub-Committee

The USANZ Board of Directors established the Daniel Christidis Scholarship Sub-Committee (Scholarship Committee) to receive and assess applications and to make recommendations to the USANZ Board of Directors. The Scholarship Committee consists of

  • USANZ Past President - Committee Chair
  • Deputy Chair of the Board of Urology
  • USANZ Member with current involvement in academic research projects, appointed by the Committee Chair.

Access the Daniel Christidis Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

The management of the Scholarship is in accordance with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Daniel Christidis Scholarship Corpus Terms of Reference. Donations to the fund should be made using the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Daniel Christidis Scholarship Donation Form.

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