Facing the Tiger Patient Resource Distributed to USANZ Members

The Society is proud to announce the culmination of one of our most recent collaborations, with The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

Over recent months USANZ has partnered with the PCFA to fund the production and distribution of Facing the Tiger: A Survivorship Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and Their Families by Prof Suzanne Chambers.

The book provides practical strategies to manage stress and anxiety, improve health and wellbeing, navigate tough challenges, and find a sense of ease about the situation. Told through personal stories and insights from Australian men and their partners in plain-speaking style, the book offers emotional comfort and inspiration.

All USANZ Full Members, Trainee Members, and Associated Urological Members will receive their own personal copy of the book within the next few days.

The Society hopes that by supporting the distribution of the book it will help enhance awareness of this helpful resource and support the promotion of the book to patients where relevant.

The USANZ Board thanks the PCFA for their continued support which demonstrates the strong and enduring nature of the relationship between the organisations.

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