ICS 2021 Melbourne Online: Thank You USANZ Members

The ICS 2021 Melbourne was held from 14-17 October and although it was converted to an online meeting, it still conveyed a distinctly Australian flavour. 

This year, for the first time, the Pan Pacific Continence Society (PPCS) was affiliated with ICS.  A special mention for A/Prof Vincent Tse who led the inaugural inclusion of PPCS in the ICS meeting.

The Society would like to recognise the role and efforts of the following USANZ Members who contributed to the success of ICS 2021 Melbourne Online.  


  • Scientific Co-chair -  A/Prof Vincent Tse
  • Local Organising Committee member: A/Prof Eric Chung

Workshop and Round Table Chairs and Speakers:

  • Dr Caroline Dowling (C)
  • Dr Sandra Elmer (C)
  • Prof Peter Gilling (C)
  • Dr Dominic Lee (C)
  • Dr Benjamin Namdarian (C)
  • Dr Johan Gani (C)
  • Dr Danielle Delaney (S)
  • Prof Henry Woo (S)
  • Dr Grahame Smith (S)
  • Dr Rob Coleman (S)
  • Dr Eva Fong (S)


  • A/Prof Vincent Tse (C)
  • Dr Audrey Wang (S)

Thanks to our extraordinary organising committee, particularly A/Prof Vincent Tse, the meeting delivered over the 4 days, the metrics below.

  • 1670 Delegates from 101 countries
  • 15,289 Views on YouTube / Vimeo
  • 3,837 Hours watch time
  • 52 Live Sessions
  • 15 Live Webinars
  • 58 On-Demand Sessions
  • 5.9 Million website requests (avg 47ms)
  • 65,587 Pageviews

The meeting remains live, may still be accessed by registrants or late registration.

Looking forward to the return of live USANZ events as happened with the excellent Northern Section Meeting recently

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