Introduction of MBS Item 30730

The Society provides the following information to Members about the introduction of MBS Item 30730.

The issue is the result of changes enacted in response to the General Surgery review on 1 July 2021. There was a substantial restructure of general surgery items and many similar services were combined to streamline the item group. 
As part of this streamlining, Item 30566 has been deleted and general surgeons can instead bill a new item, 30730, for the small bowel resection component of forming an ileal conduit when working with a urologist.  
Item 30730 is for resection of the small intestine. It combines items 30564 (small bowel strictureplasty for chronic inflammatory bowel disease) and 30566 (resection of small intestine). Items 30564 and 30566 are now deleted and cannot be claimed. The details for Item 30730 are:
Item Descriptor: 
Small intestine, resection of, including either of the following:
(a) a small bowel diverticulum (such as Meckel’s procedure) with anastomosis;
(b) stricturoplasty (H) (Anaes.) (Assist.)
MBS fee: $1,007.10
PHI Classification: Type A - Advanced surgical patient 
Clinical Category: Digestive system

For more information Members can access the Reference Guide on Changes to Small Bowl Resection Items along with all the factsheets for the general surgery changes at MBS online - General Surgery Services changes factsheets.

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