RACS Awards 2024: Call for Nominations

Nominations are now open for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Awards 2024.

Please download the Awards Committee Manual which:

  • Outlines the awards determined by the Awards Committee and contains links to the appropriate page on the RACS website which describe the Award, its recipients and also links to supporting documentation
  • Elaborates on the criteria and category of each Award
  • Contains a list of Award Recipients as of October 2023

Please ensure your nomination meets the specific requirements and criteria of the relevant award, and includes:

  • A covering letter outlining why the particular individual is being nominated for the particular award (i.e. detailing how the nominee meets the outlined criteria for the award)
  • Letters from Fellows, or Councillors or others, where required by the relevant policy for the award, in support of the nomination
  • A summary of the nominee’s CV (no more than 10 pages) and/or additional supporting information, as described in the relevant policy for the award

Please submit nominations by COB Tuesday 16 January 2024 via email to the Chair of the RACS Awards Committee.

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