Celebrating Deborah Klein's 20 Years at USANZ

The USANZ office recently celebrated the significant milestone of Deborah Klein's 20 year anniversary with the Urological Society.

Many of our Members will be familiar with Deborah's work as the USANZ Education and Training Manager. For 20 years, Deborah has supported Urological Trainees through the Surgical Education and Training Program; as USANZ CEO Michael Nugara acknowledged, this is a huge percentage of Full Members who have come through under her oversight! 

Deborah reflected on her time at USANZ and said it has been a pleasure to watch Trainees come through the program and go on to succeed in their urological careers, including taking management positions on the Board. Some of the graduates have since had their own children with Deb now set to support a second generation of Trainees for USANZ!

The USANZ team is a close-knit group and it was lovely to hear Deb describe the delightful time she has had working here. We certainly hope to have many more years of working together, Deb! As Michael said, we congratulate you on this achievement and thank you for your dedication to the role - it is greatly appreciated.

Please enjoy this trip down memory lane as we share some photos from Deborah's time at USANZ below.


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