Registry to enhance prostate cancer management in Australia and New Zealand

MEDIA RELEASE | 17 June 2016

A new Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry across Australia and New Zealand, launched by Movember today, will make a valuable contribution to both protecting patient safety and enhancing the quality of care for men with prostate cancer according to the President of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, Professor Mark Frydenberg.

“We congratulate the Movember Foundation for launching and funding this registry (PCOR-ANZ) which will, for the first time, collect data about treatment patterns for prostate cancer across all states and regions in both countries, as well as quality of life outcomes from the patient perspective.

“Urologists are committed to improving outcomes for men with both localized or advanced disease. We know there are side-effects from treatment so we want to ensure men with low risk disease aren’t over-treated and that those people having surgery have the best possible results,” said Professor Frydenberg.

“Prostate cancer is a complex disease which presents in different ways in different men, so having access to this rich source of data will not only greatly improve our understanding of the optimal way to manage individual men with prostate cancer, but allow clinicians to measure their results against the rest of the population.

“We are keen for surgeons to continue to provide the best possible outcomes in terms of quality and safety and this registry will provide a vehicle to measure outcomes as well as being an important rich source of data that informs ongoing research into the prostate cancer treatment.

“The value of registries like this is the quality and depth of information they provide, which also fulfills an important function in highlighting safety issues that may occur, or patterns of differences in outcomes across regions or demographics, allowing for them to be addressed sooner rather than later,” said Professor Frydenberg.

“Our aim is to provide consistency in the delivery of high quality, safe care to all Australian and New Zealand men with prostate cancer to ensure not just the best possible survival levels, but also a positive quality of life after treatment.”

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