USANZ in the Media - Increasing Prostate Cancer Cases - 3 May Update

There continues to be substantial attention surrounding the USANZ media release about forecast increases to prostate cancer cases.

On 27 April 2024, SkyNews ran a segment titled "Push to increase prostate cancer testing." The segment was based around an individual's lived experience. Oncologist Professor Niall Tebbutt recognised possible symptoms of prostate cancer in his squash coach, Malcolm McClarty, and encouraged him to get tested, leading to a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer. Niall, alongside another of Malcolm's squash clients, USANZ Member, Associate Professor Weranja Ranasighe, helped Malcolm navigate his subsequent treatment. Weranja, who is the Deputy Leader of the USANZ Genitourinary (GU) Oncology Special Advisory Group, was interviewed as part of the SkyNews story, adding to his expert commentary in the original USANZ media release. USANZ thanks Weranja for contributing to the discussion.

This story was then syndicated online to the SkyNews Australia website as well as the Herald SunCourier Mail and Toowoomba Chronicle. The story also featured on, which has a total readership of 15 million people.

In addition, the media release has been covered in an article from Over 60an online publication for Australian seniors. That article concludes with a useful explanation of five significant risk factors for prostate cancer.

This emerging coverage follows the AAP syndicated article - reported in the 26 April update - which has now extended to over 100 publications, including local newspapers across Australia and parts of New Zealand, as well as national outlets such as the Health TimesWorld News and Australian National Review.

Given this expected increase in prostate cancer cases, USANZ welcomes news, recently published by the ABC, that Adelaide researchers have made groundbreaking progress in prostate cancer detection. It is hoped that this research will enable earlier intervention and tailored treatments, reducing the existing disease burden for the community.

It's great to see USANZ leading conversations about these important health issues, and to see continued media interest in these discussions. We will provide further updates as the coverage continues.

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